Exhibition 25/11/2018 – 30/03/2019

Lost ceiling paintings

The exhibition ‘Rubens Re-Viewed’ brings the lost ceiling paintings, which Peter Paul Rubens produced for St. Charles Borromeo Church, back to life. Rubens painted the 36 original oil paintings in 1620. Unfortunately they were destroyed one hundred years later in a fire when the church was struck by lightning. Rubens’s works will be shown alongside 18 prints by Rudy De Graef, which are inspired by Rubens’s paintings for the first floor.

Rudy De Graef

The artist Rudy De Graef wanted to recreate the original paintings as accurately as possible, which is why he drew on Rubens’s original designs and the drawings and sketches of seventeenth-century artists who visited the church for inspiration. In addition, he also created a new series of prints.

He uses an installation with mirrors and light to “restore” the paintings by Rubens to their original location on the ceilings of the side aisles, which also allows you to see see the contemporary works at a glance.

Rubens’s paintings depict several saints as well as themes from the Old and New Testament. Rudy De Graef’s twenty-first century interpretations tell a contemporary story of redemption, authority and love.

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